KDE Connect and Firefox sound


I was tinkering around on FreeBSD yesterday and then realized at some point that sound from Firefox stopped working!


But! I figured out the issue.


I uninstalled pulseaudio and sound from firefox works again! Apparently, when I installed KDE connect yesterday, pulseaudio was installed along with it. From my searching about my firefox sound issues, I saw pulseaudio being mentioned a lot. However, since they were all technical talk, I couldn’t understand the forums at all.

So I did a leap of faith, uninstalling pulseaudio just because I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t even really know what pulseaudio was, and for all I knew it might’ve been a system requirement for sound to work at all. I was scared I was going to break sound in general on my computer if I uninstalled pulseaudio!

But luckily everything is fine. Sound still works on my computer, and firefox sound works again. All is well.

One day I am going to totally brick my computer just because of the way I do things, I swear.

wide-eyed smile

But! Now onto KDE Connect!


So this section about KDE Connect wasn’t really a “technical difficulty.” But it’s worth bringing up anyway because it’s cool: it has super useful features I want to sharekde. And it’s related to my technical difficulty of not having sound on Firefox at least.