Wrestling with Pelican 2


I just totally made my life easier by realizing that this:

# Uncomment following line if you want document-relative URLs when developing

Actually means I don’t have to manually open every single page to test it out. And, bonus: the pictures actually preview this way. So I know if I linked them right! Awesome.

I also made my life a lot easier by realizing that DEFAULT_DATE = 'fs' actually makes it so I don’t have to manually jot the date down every single time (Pelican docs lied when it said title is the only metadata required. It just skips publishing any page that doesn’t have a date specified. But now it’s not! Because I added DEFAULT_DATE = 'fs' to pelicanconf.py.)

Buuuut I do still have to write the date manually if I want it to be my title. I guess there isn’t a way to automatically make the date as the title :/ Sucks. There’s a way to automatically make the filename the title, but not date as the title. It doesn’t look like there’s a way to just stamp the date easily on the page like if you just wrote {date}. Would be cool if that just straight up printed the date of the page automatically within the body of the paragraphs or wherever it’s slapped on.

Like, that would be pretty useful for my Site Changes blog (changelog).

Special thanks to the person who’s helping me with this Pelican stuff, too. They made me realize I don’t have to manually clear out the output folder and type in make html every single time I want to preview a change.

So I’m now previewing my posts with pelican -d which does both of that straight-up. Although I would still have to probably keep pushing to the actual blog to see changes with the site’s theme. That’s really the sucker that my browser just doesn’t seem to pick up changes with.

Anyway, this theme really is roughly put together. Clicking the title on a page (not blog post) goes to the url without the file extension name, so of course it leads nowhere. I’m nowhere ready for delving into making my own theme yet because I got school (hurk). But I really wanna get on it as soon as I can. For now I’m gonna be busy trying to memorize cells and body stuff.

Okay but with this newfound convenience with the DEFAULT_DATE = 'fs' thing uhhhh I gotta be careful if I’m gonna change an existing page later on. Cuz that date will change to the modified date unless I specify. I do not want that cuz I want the original publish date as the date no matter what.

Aagh I did it! I knew it. I accidentally edited the first Slice of life (random) post and it timestammped as the latest post even though I had a more recent one. I really gotta pay attention to if I’m editing an earlier article in the same day now. But at least I overrided the date so the publish time was some time earlier than the most recent one.