Wrestling with Pelican

It’s like 5 AM. I was wrestling with Pelican first like two weeks ago. For like four days. And then I got back to it earlier in the evening.

Turns out my browser is shite at actually registering changers no matter if I keep generating the files or do the listen command or what. The only real way for me to see if my changes actually kick in is to push every single time. I mean, unless I somehow figure out why my browser isn’t catching changes at all. And yeah, I disabled cache-saving thing too. Bah. Neocities is getting a lot of pushes from me from the meantime.

Also part of why I was wrestling with Pelican so much the first few days was because this command to generate the site:

pelican /path/to/your/content/ [-s path/to/your/settings.py]

Was like, not working for me at all. It was awful. I was trying all sorts of stuff before I just said “fuck it” and tried the make htmlcommand that was on the same page of the docs (publishing section). I didn;t know what it all meant! I had no idea how make, invoke, and the pelican publishing command differed or were the same or if they even were for the same purpose or what. This shite ain’t apparent to me! I’m dumb as a cracker when it comes to this stuff.

Anyway, at least I had the sense to try make html so I was able to move forward because, well, that actually worked.

Also, I at least experimented enough to move forward with attempting to see changes when the site was pushed into an-actual-hosting-place-thing-whateverYouCallIt (in my case, Neocities). Because if not I’d still be thinking there’s something I broke that I need to fix. No, it’s just my browser. Okay, maybe I have to investigate and fix something with my browser but I’m just gonna focus on one thing at a time here (Pelican for now).

I tried using the {attach} thing for putting in images in my posts but they kept, like, breaking. So I went ahead and tried {static} instead and it worked like a charm. I also found out referencing those pics is case-sensitive in the path file. Okay cool.

But yeah, the first reason why I kept pushing through with {attach} was because I thought I wasn’t using {static} right when the pics weren’t displaing when I previewed the page. Nah. It’s just because the page was attempting to reference from the actual Seasun Neocities site when it hasn’t even been pushed there yet. #Okay. Probably because of the pelicanconf.py really pushing to use that SITEURL bit quick.

Also I learned that –relative-urls is a something that exists, only thanks to someone trying to help me. Not gonna lie, I still don’t know what that does specifically. I’m too dazed to know it’s 5 AM.

Aaand just as I was trying to publish this it stops in its tracks and tells me all the files from articles from any category gets meshed into one area so they all gotta have different filenames. K.

Ok, so, the person who was helping me was right. This theme I’m using (nmnlist) is totally broken. It’s whack. I was gonna settle for it after all the confusion and roadblocks I keep hitting trying to just get this Pelican to working at all, but this theme is so broken that it’s in my heart’s desire to actually learn to make my own theme. I can already smell the bountiful amount of new confusion and roadblocks waiting for me.

But anyway, nmnlist isn’t indicating what the hell categories the articles are from on the front page (index). So it’s listing all the articles without context. The blog (article) categories aren’t even being displayed in the navigation box unless you specifically go to the “Categories” link. Then you see the different blogs (categories of articles). This sum wild shite.

Also I did realize I made typos (e.g. Welcome adn Information, make html not having spaces before and after the other words, whatever else typos I’m missing right now). But I feel like this is a good snapshot of my 5 AM whirlwhild that I’m just gonna keep it. It’s a tangible history on my mental state as I set up all this shite. Love it. It’s like an artifact/fossil (lol)