Video previews and make command


Today I realized that I can enable video thumbnail previews on Dolphin (file manager). I can easily look for and recognize videos now. I'm so happy! This is really convenient.

Also, I've been using the command make devserver to automatically have Pelican generate html files whenever I make a change and also preview my website on http://localhost:8000. This has been really reliable so far. I notice that whenever I tried to use the Pelican command (i.e. when I tried using pelican /path/to/your/content/ [-s path/to/your/] to generate html files and when I tried using pelican -r -l to generate html automatically then serving the preview at http://localhost:8000), I end up using make instead. Make seems to:

  1. actually work, or

  2. work more reliably

To be honest, I have no idea why the two (pelican vs make) act differently in the first place. But taking note of this pattern, I'm gonna try to use make as much as I can instead of pelican.

Oh yeah, so I'm not manually opening the generated html files to see a preview of my website anymore. Ever since I've been using make instead, http://localhost:8000 has been working just fine. I'm really glad, because it's the closest feel to how it will be like when I actualy push the stuff on to my website.

So, I spoke too soon. I wish that really wasn't the case. I really hate how it feels like computers just go apeshit for no reason. It's so tiring. I've done nothing to change things, yet now http://localhost:8000 is using absolute links instead of relative. still has RELATIVE_URLS = True. I have no idea why make devserver just decided to stop acknowledging that out of what seems like nowhere. It's kind of, way, real frustrating. I have no idea what to do now.

Er, well, I just cancelled make devserver and tried using pelican -d. pelican is showing me that there's a critical error: there's a link leading nowhere. I've noticed before that when a critical error happens, html just does not get generated. Maybe if I relieve this error, make devserver will go back to normal, although I wouldn't know why. Because the issue right now is http://localhost:8000 not respecting the RELATIVE_URLS = True setting, which doesn't seem like it would be affected by using the same html files before the new changes I made.

Aaaaaand despite what I just wrote, http://localhost:8000 did go back to normal and respect the RELATIVE_URLS = True setting. I don't know what the fuck is going on in the internals of how all of this shit operates anymore, but I'm just glad this experiment worked out for me, anyway. Got dam.

Uhh today I also looked up how to stitch two videos together using ffmpeg. I wanted to stitch two 30-seond clips of Flick from Animal Crossing. This is what I used which worked really great:

$ cat mylist.txt
file '/path/to/file1'
file '/path/to/file2'
file '/path/to/file3'

$ ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i mylist.txt -c copy output.mp4

I got that from here, which was way more straightforward to me than the actual ffmpeg docs.