Pelican auto-regenerate and serve output


Every day I build this website, I learn something that makes things a lot easier.

I finally understand what the hell "auto-regenerate" and "serve the output" specifically means from the Pelican docs.


"Serving the output"

Anyway, it's more convenient for me to now just plug the command pelican -r -l in once, and then automatically see my changes by just refreshing the page.

What I was doing before was really tedious. I would type pelican -d and refresh page every single time I wanted to preview my site after a change. Which was like, every 2 seconds maybe 😐

The more you know . jpg

Okay, after maybe, oh, I don't know I can't keep track maybe half an hour to an hour, of using this localhost thing, previews are not registering anymore. But! I can see in the terminal thing that it's auto-regenerating (or at least says it is) whenever I make a change. So my browser might be fucking this up for me again just like how it does with not registering changes with themes. BRUH. Can you please just WORK.

Ok. I did more investigating. I went to the output folder and manually opened the generated HTML pages myself. They do not contain the most recent changes I made. So. "auto-regenerate" stopped working on me for some reason. (why??? why must you do this to me???)

So I stopped the pelican -r -l process or whatever you call it. And tried doing it again. The localhost thing is not responding. Yeah... this is why I don't use it. Whether it's its fault or mine, it's just more reliable for me to manually open the generated HTML files in the output folder myself (but that is not convenient ☚ī¸)

Regenerate is working again, though. Manually opening the generated HTML file, I can see the recent changes I made. No idea why localhost is still frozen at nothingness, though.

Ooof. Every page has got to be displayed on the navigation box at the bottom of the website because of this theme. Which means this includes every food I'll ever make a recipe page for. That's gonna suck. I really need to escape the constraints of this theme and make one that fits me better myself.

Localhost is still not responsive BTW.