XMPP "OMEMO" images are not secure


So I found out all the pics I sent through XMPP aren't secure

cry joy blur cursed emoji

So uhhhh even though I have OMEMO encryption on by default I found out OMEMO does not deal with files. So like. The file just gets sent out by http or something, whatever that means. Point is it's not really secure. So all my selfies and camera pics and etc I ever sent be floating around out there huh. Aight. Cool. That's calm.

Anyway today I learned the valuable lesson that is if I want to send files securely I gotta use PGP. What a nightmare. I tried using Kleopatra on desktop to PGP-ify like, at first a zip, then a pdf, then just a jpg for myself, then sent those through XMPP and tried to open it on my phone with Open Keychain. Uhhh ok. None of it works. Cool. This is fine.

At the least PGP is working when I'm using it with another person and not just myself. So yay for that win. Still, why do computers give me so much misery?