How I use my Fediverse alts


Edit 2020-11-11: This article is about the microblogging part of the Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey).

So, I have alts. I have lots of them. Let me count, actually. One for techy things that also happen to be mildly political because of a concern about privacy because FOSS, plus other similar political concerns (don’t worry, they aren’t very emotionally charged and are quite uncontroversial). One for funny things. One for comfort, my main “base” account where I’m safe and can chill. A “scouting” account where I can get outside of my comfort zone a little more and follow things that might leave a sour taste in my mouth in the name of “scouting” out what’s out there on the Fediverse. An account for lewd things. An account on an instance where the community is very civil and peaceful, which I appreciate and adore. An account for scientific things or things I learned from university. An account for “did you know?” type of fun learning coupled with learning languages. So that’s eight at least. And I only listed the ones I’m presently active on, not dead or deleted past accounts. That’s quite a lot.

I guess I like to organize things. To me, the internet feels like a bunch of rooms. If I just had one main account, I’d have this room with a cacophony of all sorts of things mixed in together. But by having one main, peaceful account, I can start from there, and brace myself for specific types of posts that’s out there by opening different doors to different rooms one by one. I think it’s a more self-caring way to approach the Fediverse. Plus, it’s harder to escape the bubble that one instance is in if it’s the only instance you ever venture from. It’s nice to have several different “starting posts” on different areas of the Fediverse. I feel as though I can cover more ground this way.

So, in summarized form, here’s my different alts in no particular order:

  1. tech, foss, politics
  2. funny, shitposting
  3. chill main
  4. scout/proxy
  5. lewd
  6. scout of a specific chill instance
  7. science, university
  8. fun/languages learning

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