The System


Written 01/23/20 04:24:27 PM without a title.

Wellness is pretty boujee. It’s boujee in one way or another. Nutrition is boujee in time or money. Mental health is boujee in time, money, or most likely whoever you’re with or who raises you—basically environment although of course work can be part of that. But anyway. Blaming people and saying “thassit” is just high-horsing for that crumb of serotonin again. People just like stepping on another person’s dick to get that crumb of serotonin ‘cause that’s all they care about anyway, or can afford to care about. On the one hand the way the system is set up now gauges and rewards the predatory. Justice has no reward except for the sake of it. Honestly, it’s costly more than rewarding. It’s easy to spot a needed change but hard to come up with a better replacement.

Anyway, the system also nurtures people into knowing only putting value into work whilst other cultures make life more than that. Productivity. Worth is only measured fiscally. The western world knows only that and self worth is perceived so poorly when they don’t fit as a cog in this system. But some other cultures do not have work as the sole measurement of worth. Mental health dies otherwise. “I don’t want to cheapen the degree,” is being thrown around implying people must be left behind or stepped on like competition is purely or inherently a measure of quality instead of the provision of better and more resources to each individual to equip them with cascading down more benefits to the ones they in turn touch. Everything is predatory and focused on stepping on someone else’s dick.

“That is the natural order of things, look at nature,” can be thrown around as if we are 0% capable of doing better than animals despite being equipped with perception none of them have to our extent. The reward to the predatory as the basis of this system is the cycle that pushes us away from ascending from the negatives of animalistic status. In turn we suffer and are lower than other animals in terms of wellness because of the negative perception being bred by our system—a perception unique to us that is doing us worse than we could be doing with it instead. Aid. Actually helping each other so most situations can be helped up instead of down. Hell, the environment will benefit, too.