My other blogs


Aside from this site, I have other blogs out there. As seen in my Tools page, I do use the Fediverse (ableit not as rigorously as I first did). Here, I’ll delve into how I use the Fediverse for each of my purposes.


So, does a really good job, at least to me, of not letting me know that there’s self-host or other people’s instances/servers at all. So my main blog I started with WriteFreely is on As there’s no real way to transfer over posts between accounts or servers or whatnot while preserving the publish dates, my main WriteFreely blog is stuck in

I say I’m “stuck,” because the features on as an instance is pretty limited. I signed up on which had way more options like having multiple blogs with one account and other stuff I can’t straight up remember right this second.

The way I use my main blog on WriteFreely though is through free verse poems and poetic, deeply personal journal entries. These are all vague writing that are only mostly understandable to myself. And to whoever visits and follows it, I hope it’s a sort of source of intruing writing. I’m not a good writer, and I don’t really care what it means to be “a good one.” I just pour my heart out on my WriteFreely blog.

The reason why I opted for this kind of use for WriteFreely is because of how clean and clear it is. There’s no distractions. The interface is clean and freeing. It leaves me alone, beckoning me to look into the well deep inside of me to my thoughts and feelings.


As linked in my Animal Crossing: New Horizons posts, you can see I use this. I just post whatever videos of my own there. I don’t really have a focus of what kind, and there isn’t much I’ve uploaded.


Tee-hee. I have quite the history with these. It started out really, really nice on Mastodon. I interacted with really cool, heartfelt and supportive folks–interaction I never got from big proprietary sites, where I was just lost to the void.

Quickly, politics overran the whole thing. Which is understandable, since the whole existence of the Fediverse was founded over political reasons anyway (self-hosting/anti-proprietary and stuff).

Cancellation ran amok, akin to Twitter. The Fediverse turned from a place that felt focused on support to a place that felt focused on policing each other. I’m not about to get on a whole essay on defending myself towards those who may be quick to assume I’m a “freeze-peacher,” but let’s just say there’s a lot of false claims being thrown around in this cancellation brigade, it’s just as bad as McCartthyism.

Anyway, I used this as a “slice of life” microblog. I sometimes shared music or webcomics/manga I liked. A lot of the time I posted about personal matters because it made me feel less alone for it to be seen by others. And at the start of joining it was a place where lots of people came to help and give thoughtful advice when I asked or felt lost.

Now I post maybe less than five times a day. I used to post uhhh. Way too much a day (haha). I pretty much lived and breathed the Fediverse like I lived and breathed Tumblr beforehand. Thanks to the whole thing of Tumblr going downhill and the Fediverse going downhill, though, I now found joy in time to myself. Like this website, time with people close to me, and Animal Crossing.

Also, I still have a Mastodon account dedicated to things I learn in school. There I also post about misconceptions and fun facts that can help other people.

I also have a private Pleroma account I share with my best friend. There we kind of post whatever we want, but it is all always heartfelt. Whether it’s a quote, or an occasional serious personal post, or music, or a short and concise thought. It’s an artistic profile but also deeply personal, without having to use too much words generally although it can come to that occasionally.


I use this as pretty much my alternative to Instagram. On my public account I post pictures I take that is definitely more feeling-based than technical based, so I don’t really think I can use the word “photography” here.

I also have another private account where I post selfies and pictures with friends.

That’s all I pretty much remember right now.

I use the Fediverse for purposes where I can conveniently pull it up and spill whatever is within my at a moment’s notice. With this website, I’m required preparation/set-up and that can deter me from things that spur within me spontaneously. That stuff has to be dished out quick while it’s hot, or else it’s not getting out there at all. This is pretty important to me because they’re all artistic things, because they’re personal and with feeling. And I do want to catch those and share as much as I can.

With things in this website, I’m fine with more a self-focused thing. Er, even my Fediverse accounts are all with a self-serving purpose, but I guess with this website I’m fine with not being so seen.

Actually, this website is a haven for me to be less seen. Speficically, probably a haven from performative behavior that I get when I go on sites that have follower and favorite/like features. It’s engrained in me like a monkey to alter the way I am to appeal to others for those sweet numbers to go up or to see someone follow or comment. Here, I’m safe from that tendency that’s hammered within me. I can be completely free and not worry about how long-winded I get here. It’s freedom. Individual websites are freedom to share whatever is desired.