On the technically challenged


I was totally going to write more stuff on this specific blog today, but with making the recipes page, I ran into Sum New Shiteâ„¢ which caused me to write like 2 new Technical Difficulties posts instead. The life of a technically challenged individual is cruel. Spare some intellect Sir Lancelot? Crumb of brain cells, please?

If anything, I hope my Technical Difficulties can stand for just how important it is for technically inclined people to be patient with the lesser-equipped-to-understand. A big problem I've seen with technically inclined people is that they legitimately have no understanding of just how lost technically challenged people get, and just how actually, genuinely difficult it is for them (cough us) to wrap their little brains around the things technically-inclineds think should be so easy and simple to understand for anybody.

In FOSS-y communities or, like, computer-people communities online in general, I've seen so much of this like, complete gap between technically-inclined people and technically challenged people. There's a whole, terrifying, and deep chasm that separates the two, generally. Either you kind of get and can get a hold of whatever the hell the computer people are on about, or you're one of the ones who are just almost completely lost all the time (cough hi there).

And what sucks is that I think some of computer-inclined people may attribute technically-challenged people's inability to grasp or, hell, use non-proprietary or other "better" software or program or whatever to laziness. The truth is, the average person is not able to quickly comprehend and understand abstract things which is often how computers go. So "spoonfeeding" just means basic fucking generosity, yo.

Tl;dr the average person hella dumb and nobody has to be an ass about it, dawg.