Well-being links


In old civilizations adults used to play all the time. Modern technology has allowed more people to become sedentary and eat packaged food. But play and good food is important for general well-being: whether it's to stay alive, feel good, or help you keep in a more positively stable state of mind.

There's many advice floating around on different ways to get moving or what to eat. But without scientific backing, many of them may cause injury or chronic conditions. For this reason, I compile a list of resources for more well-researched advice on play, good food, and other things affecting well-being.

ATHLEAN X Youtube channel by a Physical Therapist. His videos are based on his learnings on physiology and research required for his profession. The most helpful things to me are the videos telling what to avoid so that I don't injure myself.

Len Kravitz, Ph.D. This guy's web page is a whole compendium of resources. It's a bit overwhelming so here's some pages I found helpful to start:

Basically Kravitz's website is a goldmine.