Digital tools: apps, programs, etc.

This is a list of things I use and recommend. Listed features are the ones I love, but aren’t all of them.

Carnet - notes
Tutanota - encrypted email/calendar
Feeder - RSS reader, android

XMPP: encrypted messaging

Conversations - android

Dino - BSD, linux
XMPP server list - I suggest
Gajim - Honorable mention. BSD, linux, macOS, Windows

KeePass password managers

KeePassXC - BSD, linux, macOS, Windows
KeePassDX - android

Front-ends for proprietary sites

Includes RSS subscription to your favorite channels/users.

Invidious - YouTube
Nitter - Twitter
Bibliogram - Instagram

Fediverse tools - display, download instance emojis
forget - Mastodon automatic post deletion service
yeetdelete - Pleroma post deleting script inspired by forget
Pleroma Theme Repository - download themes