I like to expand my horizons as much as I can, but my ears are biased towards:

I have a Libre.Fm, but it tracks pretty much everything I watch too so it’s kind of hard to organize.

Trends of my ears' biases phases

Before high school: random stuff I either found on YouTube like Vocaloid, game soundtracks, or pop songs from the radio.

Freshman high school: electronic music, many from Monstercat, SoundCloud electronic music (includes some dubstep and other stuff)

Sophomore high school: (I’ll finish this later)

A random list of things I like

I really like MACROSS 82-99’s music 😌 They were one of the first of the future funk type of music makers I ever listened to (and possibly one of the first to make future funk type of music generally). Future funk is not as corny as plain disco, as it adds that good modern sounds that I crave so much.

Even to this day, I think MACROSS 82-99 is one of the best at hitting my itches for just the right kind of sounds that I want to hear out of future funk. I really love his stuff: it makes me so happy and energetic. Music that makes me want to dance are my favorite, and his does the trick.

I guess you could say future funk is tweaked so that Gen Z like me can vibe to it 😄

Very mainstream corner: