Cool ppl

Hey here's a list of cool people u should check them out I have a lot of reasons but my brain can't remember them all


BasicBishoujo is a really cool artist who makes really cool art. Plus she's super funny. You should check her profile. She's one of my favorite ppl on fedi.


Garrison is a good friend of mine. He's very nice and kind. Probably one of the kindest people I know. He's a very caring person. Very artistic and creative.

Rainfruit AKA Pebble

Idk if pebble's name is pebble or rainfruit but I like to call pebble by pebble which is pebble's set nickname cuz it's fun to say. Pebble has unique, dynamic art style whose doodles, even quick ones, are aesthetically pleasing. Check out pebble's profile pebble has good art. Also, pebble is funny. I love clowns.

God (deactivated)

ps cute

(Advisory: lewd content) CantInto

Very chill, kind, friendly, and lewd. She's the lewd queen. But also, queen of understanding and empathy and warmth. Very good person.