2020 April 9-10: Wishes, fish, and bugs


It happened. And it happened all at once. I expected only two for a whole night.

After much waiting until the AMs to the point of falling asleep for a couple of nights, I finally got to both witness and wish on a shooting star. The above clip shows the first stars I got to see on the evening of April 9. I say first, because I got way more than I ever asked for.

Honestly, the amount I got in one night was so much. I was almost completely starved of shooting stars for a couple of nights. I only ever got to witness two during those nights—and I didn't even get to wish on them. And then the evening of April 9 and the early morning of April 10 hit me. I felt like I was hit and just kept getting hit with serotonin—it felt like it was never going to stop.

I went from witnessing a total of two shooting stars for three or four nights of waiting to 42 in one night.

A fat 42 streak on my Nook Miles Shooting Stars stamp card

I felt like I was overdosed with serotonin. I was way overdosed. Like, if this was a drug, I'd be past overdosed to fatal levels. I know "past overdosed" makes no sense but I was legit floored and felt bombarded by so much of what I wanted and waited for for so long, I feel overwhelmed.

I thank my lucky stars (a ha-ha-ha) for this bountiful, blessed night. I will forever remember and cherish this. Animal Crossing gameplay superior gameplay. This is peak gaming.

Yesterday and today, I was hoarding some fish and bugs because I met C.J. and Flick.

The thing is, I met C.J. on April 8, so he already left. And long after even Flick left, I was still collecting bugs, too. So, uh. this is what part of my island looked like before I found out Flick and C.J. only arrive for sure on one day per month:

Stack of fish Stack of bugs

I sold them all off pretty quick after I found that out, though. I be spending to my last bell every day because I keep seeing stuff I like and wanna buy.

At least my bug collection didn't get too bad. I was spending some time reorganizing fish and bugs on the ground.

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