2020 April 6-7: Shooting Stars


Last night, the evening of April 6, Celeste visited my island again and gave me a recipe for the Aries thing. And guess what, I saw two shooting stars. Finally, after falling asleep one other night trying to look for shooting stars in vain, and then waiting maybe half an hour to an hour last night, I was able to see a shooting star maybe around midnight. Aaaand then I didn't know that my hands had to be clear of tools for me to make a wish. I spent the next few hours until maybe 2 AM on April 7 (the same night) just waiting for another shooting star, occasionally jolting awake from falling asleep for a few seconds. After all, Celeste and all the game guides kept saying, "If you see one you're bound to see another not too long after!!" Tell that to my close to two hours of just staring at the freaking sky :angery_face: