First Day


2020 March 21

Tom Nook: Excuse me! I want to make sure you get off to a great start, so would you mind talking to me first?

Tom Nook throws shade as an inattentive human newcomer dashes straight for everything but him.

Early into the gameplay I already reveal what much of my play style will be like.

A Modest sum

"From now on, island time will match the flow of time in the real world." Zoom in on "flow of time in the real world." Close-up and stretched image of the villager's face.

Tom Nook: As you can see, it is quite cozy in here. It's funny how "cozy" doesn't always mean "comfortable," hm?

I do not see it

Tom Nook: And if you want to earn some Bells, he has a rather generous policy of purchasing just about anything.

Tom Nook: Not strictly advisable from a business perspective, but quite generous. Yes, yes!

Close-up of Tom Nook's shocked face

The NPCs realize the economic implications of RPG business methods.

I made a flimsy fishing rod!

This is the moment I knew.

New Horizons will be the 'Breath of the Wild' of Animal Crossing


I have been informed this is a widely feared phenomenon called "drifting."

Tom Nook: Yes, yes... You're free and clear of debt, living on a thriving scenic island... What could be better?

Tom Nook: Indeed, establishing a sort of utopia was one of the main aims of this endeavor, *along with profits, of course...*

Tom Nook spells out why Animal Crossing is so popular among young folk: millenials and zennials. And also stands for profit without cruelty.

Tom Nook: Ah, but with zero-interest financing and an extremely lax repayment plan, anything is possible!

I can hear millions of zennials and others of the unfortunate cry out.

Standing in front of museum constructiont

Standing in my tent literred with materials and items

Standing in a field of tree branches

I was really proud of getting all possible ground space covered with branches from one tree.

"Now generating Pocket Organization Guide..." with Nook Miles reduced to zero

I was also really proud of spending the exact Nook Miles I had for something I wanted unintentionally.

4,200 bells

Haha 420

I caught an oarfish! I hope I catch morefish!

Sweet success.

Standing in the middle of a field of specimens

I'm among the many who were ready for Blathers.

"Timmy: And done! I can buy these from you for a total of 6,960 bells. Sound good?" Bell count: 7,420


I can make stronger tools that won't break so easily now! This is gonna be a material-gathering game changer!

I was really excited for this. Ominous.

Standing in a patch of flower stems

The start of my flower collection.

I caught a football fish! Some countries call it a soccer fish!

And a football fish to end the first day with a bang.